Helping the next generation to learn the music,
not so much as a way to make a living as to make life itself worth living. 

Each year the Austin Friends of Traditional Music awards a scholarship to promising musicians and dancers, 30 years of age or younger, who wish to further their studies of old time music and dance.

In previous years we have supported their participation in the Swannanoa Gathering’s Old-Time Music and Dance Week.  Although the Swannanoa Old Time Camp is cancelled this year along with most other camps that support traditional music, your Austin Friends of Traditional Music (AFTM) still wishes to support the music education for young folks interested in traditional music forms.  

To that end, the AFTM is offering scholarships to learn on-line.  There are several on-line learning sources to select from, some of which are listed on our On-line Learning page. Other sites or teachers may be approved after board review.  Music students may select a course of study that is not listed and submit it with their scholarship application for review by the AFTM Board.

Rules and requirements for the 2020 AFTM Scholarship Program:

1.  5 scholarships are available, each at a value not to exceed $200.

2.  Applicants must be 30 or younger as of 6/1/2020.

3.  Applicants must be AFTM members.  They can go to our membership page to become a member at any time.

4.  Applicants must submit an email application to  The application must consist of 

a. Name, home address, email address, phone number, birthdate,

b. Intended course of traditional music study, including contact information for the instructing entity, and the cost, 

c. Written description of your interest in traditional music, your musical background, and why you think you ought to be chosen for a chance to learn from the masters, and,  

d. Scanned copy of a proof of age document (birth certificate, drivers license, etc.).

5.  The application and course of study shall be reviewed and approved or rejected by the AFTM board. The board will consider only applicants who have provided the information and met the requirements stated here. The board will consider the applicant’s written explanation, other items required in the application and any other factors the board considers germane. The board may request further information from any applicant to help in its decision.

6.  The board may request recipients of AFTM scholarships to provide a post training report or participate in an interview for possible future inclusion in the Reel Times newsletter.

Any costs other than tuition associated with attendance are the sole responsibility of the selected applicant.

Submit your entry for the AFTM scholarship to:

For more information about the scholarship, CONTACT:

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Past Recipients

Celebrindal Roberts (2020)


Zephyr Yellman (2019)

Alexa Bender (2018)

Tim Auld  (2017)

Britt Irick (2016)

Rose Griffith (2016)

Mira Dickey (2016)


April Eason (2015)

Ian Stewart (2015)

Matt Harmon (2015)

Josh Moore (2013)


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Isaiah Sibi-Hackney (2013)


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Eliana Salinas (2012)


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Bren Koch (2012)


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Sara Cottingham (2011)


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