ASBF 2019 Workshops

*** 11am ***

AJ Srubas: Bb flat fiddle tunes from Missouri

Will there be fiddlers who want to learn tunes? Yes, indeed there will!​​
Area E (the Big Tree)

Aaron Tacke: Two finger banjo for waltzes

Area B (pump tank)

Chip Bach: MFF+CH (Mandolin Fretboard Fun plus Chinquapin Hunting)

beginners (maybe advanced beginners) as well as intermediates. I can offer the students additional help outside the workshop if the care for it. I'll have some handouts. I'll teach Chinquapin Hunting in D by ear (with notation handouts).
Area D (adjacent to “prison yard" fence)

Margaret Wright: Shape Note Singing

all welcome, no experience needed!
Area C (big pavilion)

*** 12pm ***

Steam Machine Full Band: Old-Time Bluegrass Band Lab

Join Steam Machine for discussion and demonstration on their approach to the music
Area G (big oak grove)

Lone Piñon: Musical Geography of New Mexico

An overview of Northern New Mexican fiddle genres and then learn a simple tune or two
Area C (big pavilion)

Margaret Wright, Lloyd Wright: Appalachian Dulcimer

Beginner to adv, individual instruction
Area D (adjacent to “prison yard" fence)

Dan Foster: Tales of Early Texas Fiddling:Echoes, Stories & Outright Lies: 1786 - 1965

Area B (pump tank)

Brandi Pace & Dean Barber: Putting it All Together

Forming our duo and our set, and considerations we have had for choosing songs, keys, harmonies, arrangements, etc.
Area E (the Big Tree)

Here and Now (full band): Tunes and Song Treatments in Irish Music

What goes into arrangements and why
Area F (“Prison Yard”)

*** 1pm ***

Larry Edelman (with Jordan Wax, Noah Martinez, Tanya Nuñez): Tunes from The Gu-achi Fiddlers

Join us in learning uniquely appealing  old-time tunes from this seminal group of Tohono O’odham musicians. All instruments are welcome in playing these incredible melodies including polka, chotis, mazurka, two-step, and more!
Area G ( large oak grove)

Taylor Rushing: Handmade Songbooks, Paper Zines and Old Time Music

Zines and simple booklets have been a democratic means to disseminate information for centuries from Hobo camps to punk rock shows. Learn to make an easy to distribute and low cost booklet to share and trade songs, ideas and cartoons. No experience necessary.
Area D ( at the Picnic Tables adjacent to “prison yard” fence)

*** 2pm ***

Walter Tragert: Children’s Sing-Along, All ages welcome!

Songs from his new book, American Folk Songs for the Family, Vol One 
Area F
( fenced yard)

*** 3pm ***

Natasha LaGitana - Halloween mask making for kids

Area F (fenced yard)

*** 4pm ***

Jacqui Woolley: Beginning clogging

Learn the fundamentals of clogging with a former member of the Coal Country Cloggers.
Area F (fenced yard)

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