ASBF 2013


Photos by Tom Deleney





7-8PM- Forked Deer. Old-Time String Band with square dance caller Sharon Isaac
8:15-9:15PM- Charles Thibodeaux & Austin Cajun Aces. Cajun dancing.
9:30pm- ?? - Hopping Jenny. Old-Time String Band with square dance caller Michael Ismerio


1PM - Christy & The Plowboys
2PM - The Primetime Ramblers
3PM - The Carper Family
4PM - The Sawmill Vagrants
5PM - Spencer& Rains
6PM - The Barn Owls with square dance caller Sharon Isaac
7PM - Conjunto Los Pinkys for conjunto dancing
8PM - Brad Leftwich & Linda Higginbotham
9PM - Jenny & The Corn Ponies for country dancing
10PM - Hopping Jenny


10:30AM-12PM - Gospel Sing led by The Rudiments

Video by Jim Lutz



11 am - 12 pm

Area A-Demystifying the Claw Hammer Banjo, O.J.Laier and D.Lee Thomas

Basic right hand and left hand tips, tricks, licks, and "secrets" on how to get Also, where to find quality input for free, and...learn a tune or two.

B-How to Play in a Stringband, Hopping Jenny

A "stringband" workshop, for fiddle, guitar, banjo and bass players. All workshop attendees split up by instrument and are taught the same tune, then all come back together and play the tune as one band.

C-Fundamentals of Country Dancing, Jenn Miori-Greg Kohler

We'll start at the beginning... with the song! Country music songs are specifically built for dancing and based on simple Twos and Threes... Our major focus will end up being partner Two-steps [Texas and Cajun] and Country [Cajun] waltzing, but we'll paint those forms into a bigger picture that help our dancers cut loose and enjoy everything from flatfooting and square dancing to swing and blues.

D-Old-time Country Rags, Dan Foster and Will Webster

A gentle introduction to the joy of playing rags on fiddle, mandolin, banjo and guitar. Will share some tips to help you get started playing them funny tunes in those other keys. We'll talk a little about style, technique and repertoire - and learn a rag to play together (at least one) before we go.

E-Exploring Clawhammer Ukulele - Tim Keough

Discover the old timey style of clawhammer banjo on the ukulele! Take your ukulele playing to the next level with this unique and enjoyable way to play. If you play banjo, this workshop will open doors on the ukulele that you didn't think possible. We'll also try out some favorite old time tunes arranged especially for clawhammer ukulele.

11 am - 12 pm 

F-Clogging, Erica Braverman

Clogging is a form of Appalachian percussive dancing that is fun to do and a great workout! In this workshop, you will learn the basic clogging step and how to vary this step to make your own rhythms. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes with a smooth, flat, hard sole. Tap shoes and tennis shoes are fine but no flip-flops or boots please. Also, you may want to bring a water bottle and a smartphone/video recorder so that you can tape what we learn.

G-Bluegrass and Old-Time Guitar, -Eddie Collins

Eddie Collins, author of numerous instruction courses on the art of flatpicking guitar, will present a guitar workshop along with some special guests. Many elements of bluegrass and old-time guitar will be presented from playing Carter Style solos to picking fiddle tunes and playing solid back-up in the style of Doc Watson.

H.-Oldtime fiddle chording and bow rhythms, Tricia Spencer and Howard Rains

Kansas fiddler Tricia Spencer will teach advanced old-time fiddle techniques including pulses, bow rhythms, and chording. Old-time fiddle tunes will be taught according to interest. Howard Rains will make wise cracks, accompany on guitar, and try to learn something from Tricia, too.

12:15 - 1:15 pm

Area A-Old-Time Fiddle, with Brad Leftwich

Simple old-time tunes and techniques, taught by ear, for beginning-and intermediate fiddlers.

B-How to Play in a Stringband, Hopping Jenny

C.-no workshop

D.-Mountain Dulcimer, Lloyd Wright
Teaching old time tunes on the Mountain dulcimer. This will be an intermediate to advanced class.

E-Beginning Square Dance Class with Sharon Isaac (Michael Ismerio on fiddle, Joe Dobbs, banjo)

In this workshop we will learn the basics of Old-Time Appalachian square dancing. You will also learn one or two square dances that will be called on Saturday night. Learn to do-si-do, see-saw, right and left grand, ball of yarn, turkey wing turn and many more cool square dance moves to impress your friends! No experience or partner needed and school-aged kids are welcome.

12:15 - 1:15 pm

F-Singing is Fun! Kids Workshop, The Carper Family

In this fun-filled workshop for kids K-5, The Carper Family will share the joy of singing by teaching folk and country songs that have been passed down through generations of singers. We will explore some simple stretching and posture exercises, harmony basics, tips for better stage presence, and will introduce beginner vocal technique for young singers. Come ready to sing and have fun!

G-Jarana Jarocha: A Mexican Folk Experience, Son Armado

Centered around the tarima and sustained by the strum of the jarana Jarocha, Son Jarocho fandango is a grass roots cultural form from Veracruz, Mexico, often used in the context of political organizing and social justice causes in Mexico and the US. It draws on the traditions of the converging cultures in Veracruz: African, Spanish, and Indigenous. We will move through the basic chords and rhythms of the 2 major instruments of the Son Jarocho fandango, the jarana (strings) and the tarima (percussion).

H-Bluegrass jam (beginner-intermediate), Eddie Collins. All are welcome to participate in this open jam led by Eddie Collins.