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Friday Evening, October 19th
Friday Dance 'Til You Drop Night!

7pm – Square dance with East Mountain Serenaders
8pm – Lone Star Swing with Cindy Cashdollar
9 pm – GumboJet (David Greely's traditional Cajun trio)
10pm – Square dance with the Canote Brothers

Saturday October 20th

WORKSHOPS 11am -1:30pm


2pm – Sawmill Vagrants
3pm – Fundamentalist Reunion
4pm – Manuel "Cowboy" Donley
5pm – Square Dance with East Mt Serenaders
– 5:45pm - 6:30pm Supper Break –
6:30pm – Rafe and Clelia Stefanini
7:30pm – Crankies from Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth Laprelle
8:30pm – Hem & Haw
9:30pm – The Canote Brothers

Sunday, October 21st

Gospel Sunday - Group sing.



11am How to Chop "'Dat Wood", Sawmill Vagrants. A comprehensive lesson on how to build and play the stump-fiddle and washtub bass. We will also show you the basics on the banjo-uke (a.k.a. the chopper!). Fiddle, banjo and guitar will accompany the workshop.

12:15 pm Bluegrass Banjo, Rolf Sieker, one of the top5-string pickers in the country and beyond.

AREA B - Fiddle Area

11am The Drone & the Pulse.

Becoming the boss of your bow! The Canote Brothers. We'll take Eck Robertson's "Great Big Taters"
and bring it to life with a simple pattern using bow direction, pulses and dips. Arcane secrets revealed. Bring a standard-tuned fiddle and a recording device.

12:15pm New Old-Time Fiddle

Tunes, East Mountain Serenaders.Old-time music lives! And what music lives without growing? The East Mountain Serenaders will present some new old-time fiddle tunes from their repertoire with names like "Sleeping In The Cheese Dip," and "Good Question," In light of the recent passing of Illinois fiddle great, Garry Harrison, we will play some of our favorite fiddle tunes made by that amazing fiddler/musicologist. Come hear and learn a few "new-time" tunes that salute and complement the great old ones we all love!

AREA C - Singing Pavillion

11am Lead a Singing Circle, Anna& Elizabeth. Anna & Elizabeth will draw from their repertoire of Appalachian traditional songs, ballads & gospel songs, in an informal song swap & sing along! Bring a song to share!

12:15pm Old Time Songs for Uke, The Canote Brothers. Let's sing and play some great old songs, including: Kilby Snow's "Shady Grove", "Won't 'cha Come Out and See Me Sometime" from the Georgia Yellow Hammers, and "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down"! We'll introduce several strums that work well for old-time music, and learn to pick melodies using our thumbs! Word-sheets and Tablature included. Bring a uke tuned GCEA.

AREA D - Old-Time, Mandolin & Banjo Area

11am Mandolin, Silas Lowe. Mandolin has been an important part of just about every form of American stringband music. Let's explore mandolin rhythm beyond the bluegrass chop!

12:15pm Old Time Banjo, Anna Roberts-Gevalt & Elizabeth LaPrelle. This workshop will fo-
cus on the basics of the southwest Virginia style clawhammer banjo.Anna can work with any intermediate/advanced players on alternate tunings, and two-finger style and other regional styles from east Kentucky.

AREA E - Shady Grove Area

11am Dances, Play Parties & Singing, Malissa Mollberg. An introduction to musical activities that can be enjoyed by children in party, school and camp settings, as well as family gatherings. Each simple activity involves singing and movement. They are traditional games that children and young people have enjoyed for generations. This is an interactive workshop, come prepared to play!

12:15pm Duet harmony singing, Jenn Miori and Ben Hodges of Hem& Haw.

AREA F - Prison Yard Area

11am F-Tunes Fiddle Workshop, East Mountain Serenaders. In the world of Old-Time fiddle music, F-tunes have often been either feared or ignored. But from way back, old-time musicians didn't let a slightly new finger position on the fiddle keep them from playing some truly phenomenal melodies. And you shouldn't either! The East Mountain Serenaders will give a short tour of some fine F-tunes, both old and new.

12:15pm Square Dance For Beginners, Sharon Isaac. Learn the basics of square dancing. Square
dancing is easy if you know the lingo. We'll Rip & Snort, Right & Left Grand, Promenade, Do-Si-Do,
Sow Clover and Wind Up A Ball of Yarn. It's fun and easy so join us even if you already know how to Square Dance.

AREA G - Guitar Area

11am Americanized Celtic Tunes, Heather Gilmer & Tim Wooten.
Heather & Tim will play before and after versions of tunes that crossed the Atlantic and morphed into old-time American tunes. They'll also discuss origins of old time string band music.

12:15pm Back-up guitar, Brennen Leigh of the Fundamentalists.

AREA H - Big Tree Area

11am The Alexander Technique, Molly Johnson. This workshop will introduce you to the Alexander Technique, a method that anyone can use to decrease tension and injury risk and to improve posture and breath/vocal control and that musicians and other performers can use to approach practicing and performing in a more conscious and effective way. See for more information.

12:15pm Beginning Fiddle, Clelia Stefanini. This workshop will concentrate on learning simple fiddle tunes with appropriate bowing patterns. I will teach the tunes slow and by ear, so a recording device is strongly suggested. The emphasis will be on patience, until you will walk away knowing an old time fiddle tune. Participants must know how to tune and have a basic knowledge of the fiddle