ASBF 2010



Friday October 15th. 2010

Dance Till You Drop!

7:00 PM- Jenny and the Corn Ponies
8:00PM- Cory McCauley and his Evangeline Aces
9:00PM- Foghorn Trio, with caller Rich MacMath

Saturday, October 16th

2:00PM- The Victor Mourning
3:00PM- Atomic Duo
4:00PM- Shotgun Party
5:00PM- The Carper Family
6:00PM- The Gillette Brothers
7:00PM- Ben Hodges Band
8:00PM- The Haints with Carl Jones
9:00PM- Jim Kweskin and Geoff Muldaur

Sunday, October 17th

Gospel Sing about 10 a.m. until noon.


ASBF 2010 Saturday Workshop Schedule

11:00 a.m.-Country Duets with Teri Joyce & Roger Wallace

11:00 a.m.-Celtic Jam with Vanessa Gordon

11:00 a.m.-Old Time Survey with the Haints

11:00 a.m.-Big Circle and Square Dance with Sharon Isaac. Learn a big circle and a square dance.

11:00 a.m.-Eight Fiddlers from Kentucky with Gene and Marynelle Young- Eastern Kentucky fiddlers 1985 - 1992. Photos, tunes and anecdotes. Hear tunes of Estill Bingam, Clyde Davenport, Hiram Stamper and J.P. Fraley.

11:00 a.m.-Getting Started Playing Bluegrass Solos on Mandolin with Ben Hodges-Learn a simplified approach to the basic patterns. Q&A 

12:00 noon-Early Roots Gospel Songs with Pharis Romero. Learn the base melodies and harmonies for several early gospel songs. Come ready to sing!

12:00 noon-Two Strings are the Thing - Mandolin with Carl Jones. Two note chord shapes and how they "fall" or connect on the neck which leads to "six magic shapes plus one." Basic scale and
chord theory as well as octaves, unisons a tune and a song.

12:00 noon-Beginner Old Time Jam with Elizabeth Pittman; Tim and Angie Wooten

12:00 noon-The Role of the Folk Musician in Contemporary Society with Silas Lowe. What is in fact the job description of a folk singer in our modern age? Are the politics of courtly love and relationships his or her only bailiwick? Lively conversation with current examples.

12:00 noon-Kids Singalong with Laura Freeman. Learn songs from family car trips, girl scouts and church groups back when people used tosing together. No instruments required.

12:00 noon Bluegrass Slow Jam with Jami Hampton and Steve Mangold. You will be given a list of songs that every picker should know, a list of rhythm chords and the order in which you should
learn them and you will learn basic jamming techniques. Then we'll all pick a tune or two.

1:00 p.m.-Old Time Harmony Singing with the Carper Family. Learn how to build different types of chords, root notes, scales, intervals, phrasing and timing. Then learn a song.

1:00 p.m.-How to Play Dobro with Gary Mortensen. Practice techniques and ideas. Working up tunes and backing up singers.

1:00 p.m.-Intermediate/Advanced Banjo with Jason Romero, Bernard Mollberg and Jerry Hagins

1:00 p.m- How to Call a Square Dance with Rich MacMath

1:00 p.m.-Bones Workshop with the Gillette Brothers. Bones history, playing instruction, techniques and styles for one pair, two pairs and four pairs of bones with musical accompaniment. Bones available for sale.

1:00 p.m.-The Wonderful World of Fiddle Tunings with Erynn Marshall. Learn about traditional
fiddle tunings and hear them played. Learn an intermediate level tune in a beautiful open tuning.