ASBF 2009



Friday October 16th
6:00 Seiker Band
7:00 Atomic Duo
8:00 Christy and The Plowboys
9:00 Electric Mt. Rotten Apple Gang
10:00 McMercy Family

Saturday, October 17th

1:00 Charles Thibodeaux and His Cajun Aces
2:00 Milkdrive
3:00 Double Eagle String band
4:00 Manuel "Cowboy" Donley
5:00 Lost Pines
6:00 The Wrights
7:00 Mariachi Corbetas with Anthony Ortiz, Jr
8:00 Hays County Burn Band
9:00 Austin Lounge Lizards
10:00 Big Jug Band

Sunday, October 18th

 Gospel Sing about 10 a.m. until noon.

Saturday Workshops 

Mandolin - Billy Bright, Todd Jagger, Dennis McDaniel, Dennis Ludicker, and maybe others;

The Fiddling of P.T. Bell and Thomas Jefferson Wootan, Early Texas Fiddlers - Dan Foster and Tim Wooten;

Harmonica - Mike Rubin;

Kids Beginner Celtic Fiddle session with Vanessa Gordon;

Cajun Fiddle - Peter Schwarz;

Cajun Accordion - Charles Thibodeaux;

Beginner Fiddle - Lisa Schneider;

Bluegrass Banjo - Rolf Seiker and others;

Bluegrass Guitar - Tom Duplissey and others;

Old Time Vocals - Ellen Stansel, Malissa Mollberg, Elizabeth Pittman, and Tim Wooten;

Beginning Dulcimer - Margaret Wright;

Advanced Dulcimer - Lloyd Wright;

Sacred Harp Singing - Margaret Wright;

Oldtime banjo - Angie Wooten, Bernard Molberg, Jerry Hagins;

Oldtime Guitar - Sharon Sandomirsky, Ethan Azarian;

Ask A Geezer (conversations about all kinds of music in Austin with long-time Austin musicians)