ASBF 2018 Performers

Wood & Wire

It's been five years now since Wood & Wire sprouted out of the rich musical soil of Austin, Texas. In that time, they've written music, recorded albums, and performed at some of the most notable festivals and venues across the country.

In the often tightly defined genre of bluegrass music, Wood & Wire's "band-style" ethos are not unheard of. Nor are the elements of song crafting, so often associated with their Texas home, that permeate their sound. That said, what comes out of the Wood & Wire blender is something entirely its own.

Wood and Wire - web site

The Onlies with Vivian Leva

The Onlies began as a trio of lifelong friends and musical collaborators who realized early on that they shared a fascination with traditional fiddle music. Leo Shannon, Samantha Braman, and Riley Calcagno started making music together at age seven (2005), and quickly became immersed in fiddle music and tradition in their home of Seattle, down the West Coast, and across the world. In recent years, they have developed their sound with the addition of Vivian Leva, an acclaimed talent of old- time, country, and Americana.

The Onlies - web site

Felipe Perez and Rabbit Sanchez

Ramon “Rabbit” Sanchez (bajo sexto) and Felipe Perez (accordion) are legendary musicians as well as some of the most versatile to come out of the conjunto homeland of South Texas. Together they have forged a sound that combines old school traditional conjunto with a progressive sensibility.

Clara and the Broken Barrel String Band

Clara and the Broken Barrel Stringband is an old-time/ classic country band lead by Clara Delfina, that is made up of Jake Blount, Haakon Oyen, and Landon George. These young folkies came together over a love of the culturally diverse musical tradition that comes from early America. They love nothing more than singing dark old ballads, heartbreaking country songs, and fiddle tunes that'll force you out of your chair and on to the dance floor!

Roll Fast Ramblers

Vintage western swing, Lockhart favorites

Roll Fast Ramblers - web site

Cory McCauley and His Evangeline Aces, with Peter Schwarz

The best of traditional Cajun dance music of SW Louisiana

The Double Eagle String Band

The Double Eagle String Band plays old-time music from Texas to Appalachia. With guitar, bass, fiddle, banjo, harmonica and mandolin, they’re handing down the tunes and songs they inherited from their musical elders.

The Frauleins


The Frauleins are Austin’s newest roots trio, playing old-time, bluegrass and country with sisterlike harmony, a two-stepping beat and banjo to boot.

This collaboration from longtime friends features:

  • Jenn Miori Hodges - guitar,
  • Beth Chrisman - fiddle & banjo,
  • Amanda Jo Chisholm - bass

The Frauleins - web site

The Barn Owls

The Barn Owls play Old-Time music from the Appalachian region of the US, circa late 1800's and early 1900's. These fiddle-based tunes were heavy influences on the bluegrass, folk and acoustic scene of the mid-1900's. The tunes were often the backbone of a community square dance, where a 'stringband' would provide the music for a dance caller to coach the to and fro. Additionally, the tunes lived and breathed in the remote areas of the Eastern United States and were passed down through generations by ear, before recording technology existed. The instrumentation includes all acoustic instruments: Trent Shepherd on fiddle, Jerry Hagins on 5-string banjo, Joe Dobbs on guitar, and Brink Melton on standup bass.

Ryan Gould and the Little Kings

Exciting dance music of 1920s- 30s jazz and swing